Bongo Maffin on maintaining longevity: ‘To stay on top is not easy’

They’re back and prepared to favor us with new music, however it hasn’t been simple.

At the point when Oskido reported that Kalawa Jazmee was joining forces with Bongo Maffin for their next collection, I really wanted to feel incredibly amped up for this organization as the melodic coordinated effort between the gathering and Kalawa Jazmee has consistently been a fruitful one.

Despite the fact that Bongo Maffin has not given fans a full collection since 2005, it doesn’t feel like the gathering has been M.I.A from the music scene. Some portion of that reason is that each of the four of the gathering individuals have advanced into different aspects of their professions that have apparently furnished them with various freedoms inside media outlets. This is important for the motivation behind why the gathering has figured out how to support life span in the business as Bongo Maffin, yet in addition as individual specialists.

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During a meeting on Trans Africa Radio, the gathering clarified that keeping steady over the game was never a stroll in the recreation center and that they needed to fabricate this Bongo Maffin brand from the beginning, and guarantee that it was a solid brand that the fans could relate to despite the fact that it had experienced numerous changes.

“To remain on top isn’t simple. You need to make a brand, a solid brand… So that regardless of whether the item changes individuals will in any case return to you since they realize the brand stays as before,” said Stoan.

Adding onto Stoan’s remark, Speedy shared that it was additionally significant for them to broaden their ability to guarantee that they’re as yet in the game. This bodes well since, supposing that you take a gander at every part and their performance vocations individually, they’ve been finding real success.

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Speedy regularly goes to and fro from South Africa to America as he’s figured out how to shape a solid bond and melodic relationship with the individuals from Dru Hill.

Stoan has successfully positioned himself as not only a musician, but also as a seasoned television presenter, MC and radio broadcaster.
Whereas Thandiswa continues to be one of the most influential musicians in the country, as she uses her craft to challenge and tackle social issues that affect the youth and South African citizens as a whole.

The same applies for Jah Seed, who has used hiscraft as a musician to constantly question or engage his fans about what ishappening in and around their communities.

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