Check out First PS5 shows off hardware and games, hands-on videos. but there’s no UI

Sony’s PS5. Famitsu
Sony has invited variety of Japanese publications and YouTubers to urge a better check out the PlayStation 5. It’s the primary time we’ve seen the PS5 hardware outside of leaked images from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission. a spread of publications have now published detailed hands-on images and videos of the PS5, providing a more realistic check out how big the console is and gameplay of titles like Astro’s Playroom and Godfall.

4gamer has published photos of the PS5 standing both vertically and horizontally, demonstrating how the stand works in either position to carry the console in situ . Some photos also show how the PS5 will cool itself, and 4gamer notes that it wasn’t ready to hear the fan inside the console.

PS5 light. 4gamer
Although these PS5 previews are clearly during a very limited environment, one among 4gamer’s photos does reveal a mysterious silver latch or bolt hidden inside the top-right section of the PS5. Sony has said PS5 owners are going to be ready to expand storage with regular SSD drives during this new console, but we’ve yet to ascertain how this may add reality.

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Mysterious PS5 latch. 4gamer
This latch might be how you access the power to expand PS5 storage, with it presumably allowing the side to be removed. There’s no other obvious thanks to slot an SSD into the PS5, but we’re still waiting on Sony to verify how it’ll handle expandable storage.

We’ve known for weeks that the PS5 is that the biggest console in modern history, and Dengeki Online helps put that into perspective with an attempt of the PS5 next to an outsized TV. It’s clear if you would like the PS5 to take a seat vertically during a TV stand then you would possibly got to clear some room, or use the console horizontally. The PS5 laying flat seems like it should fit into most TV stands.

The PS5 in perspective Dengeki Online
Most of the videos don’t show the PS5 in an excessive amount of detail, as they’re largely focused on gameplay. One from Famitsu’s YouTube channel does offer a quick check out the hardware up close.

Alongside the console itself, these Japanese publications and YouTubers also got a better check out the new DualSense controller. This new design includes haptic feedback (replacing the old rumble technology) and adaptive triggers which will adjust the resistance of the triggers for various gameplay effects. AV watch also reports that the confirm button on the PS5 are going to be X rather than O going forward, which suggests Japanese players are getting to need to retrain their body’s motor memory to urge wont to that significant change. There’s little else to report on the controller just yet, but 4gamer does provide an honest check out the various colorful LEDs on the DualSense.

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DualSense LED colors. 4gamer
None of the videos of publications were ready to show the PlayStation 5 dashboard or UI elements, unfortunately. These remain a mystery, despite Sony teasing what seemed to be the boot experience or main PS5 dashboard all the way back in June. Sony has also promised a totally redesigned PS5 dashboard with “no pixel untouched.”

We’re still waiting to ascertain exactly what Sony does with the new PS5 UI, and hopefully.

Elsewhere there’s also tons of gameplay of Astro’s Playroom, Godfall, and even Balan Wonderworld. We have also seen many this game footage before, and none of the previews seem to dig too deep on SSD performance or load times for games.

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All three games look as smooth as you’d expect on the PS5, but it’s disappointing to not see more Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart gameplay as long as title Either way, you’ll find the newest PS5 gameplay within the video below.

These limited PS5 previews don’t answer all the questions we still have round the PS5, and we’re hoping Sony will start providing some answers soon. We’re still waiting to listen to about the PS5 dashboard, how you employ expandable storage within the console, and just how well Sony’s backward compatibility for PS4 games works on the new PS5.

There’s still quite a month to travel until the PS5 launch on November 12th, so Sony has many time to reveal tons more about its next-gen console. For now, these early previews have provided a better much-needed check out the PS5.

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