Let’s Introduce To You Again Chris Rio; The Voice Nigeria S2 Finalist

It’s no uncertainty that Nigeria is honored with skilled craftsmen, large numbers of whom have made a specialty for themselves and wandered into the music business, making waves home and abroad.

A portion of these craftsmen came into the spotlight by performing on open stages, from Project Fame, Nigeria’s Got Talent, Nigeria Idol and some through online media.

It’s totally alright to stay aware of your faves, however shouldn’t something be said about growing your playlist by tuning in to other capable demonstrations with extraordinary sounds? BN found some astounding gifts, who have once caught your hearts with their voices. We will once again introduce them to you in an extraordinary manner with our week by week talk with arrangement labeled #DiscoverWithBN.

#DiscoverWithBN will be distributed each third Friday and last Saturday of the month.

For our lady version, we addressed R&B artist and The Voice Nigeria Season 2 finalist, Chris Rio whose genuine name is Uriri Israel Christopher Onoyovwi. With melodic impacts like Usher Raymond, Mali Music, Lucky Dube, Westlife among others, he exposes his inner self with his remarkable conveyance and adaptability across various kinds. He has a splendid lavish tenor voice surface, the sort you can tune in to the entire day.

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We sat down to talk with Chris to find what got him into music, the class of music he makes, innovative interaction, and significantly more.

Go along and find Chris Rio with BN!



What previously got you into music?

I’ve generally had the option to hold a note, yet I began paying attention to music when I turned 15 years of age after I gave my life to Christ. Up until that point, I would sing to a great extent and even attempted to compose tunes, yet it simply didn’t click for me. After I gave my life to Christ, I found that I had the option to compose tunes and got enthusiastic about my music profession.

How might you depict the music that you regularly make?

I have never needed to be confined by a classification. In any case, I would say I’m profoundly established in R&B just as popular music, so my music will in general be a combination of Afro and R&B, with pop components. I fiddle with an assortment of elective sorts and have made reggae/reggaeton sounds, just as electronic music. Yet, you can generally discover me in R&B, blended in with that sweet African flavor.

What is your imaginative interaction?

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Most occasions, the music simply comes to me. I think intellectually my brain is continually searching out infectious rhythms, and that is the part that is viewed as a blessing. At times, when I’m sent a beat, the instrumentation of the beat shows me what to expound on. It’s very difficult to portray, yet it’s an excellent kind of enchantment. It can likewise be unconstrained and come to me when I’m half snoozing or when I’m working. There are no standards to this thing.

What’s are you bringing to the music business, what are you doing another way?

I wouldn’t say I essentially do anything any other way, however one thing I generally attempt to intentionally do is to center my expectation. It’s never a vibe or careless for me, it needs to mean something to the audience before I’m content with it. I attempt to compose tunes from others’ eyes, to make sure it reverberates that a lot further with individuals. Up until now, I believe it’s worked for me, and I surmise this may mean less tunes, however I’m more settled realizing that the tunes I do deliver are purposeful, and have their ideal impact on individuals.

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What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is a full-length collection, and ideally a couple of music recordings to go with that. I’m chipping away at some community oriented tasks at this moment, yet it’s all TBA. Musically, I will say I am energized for 2021.


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